Facilities Management

Facilities Management / Cleaning and Painting of External Units and Flue System (High Level Work).

Over time External Flue, Units and Fixtures can be damaged  due to weather and ageing materials as the paint work can decay and flake and rusting becomes more visible.

A cheaper alternate rather than replace and refurbish the current units and flue, would be to clean and paint the external units savings the company money and time.

This Job in particular was completed in a week’s work using a 26 meter cherry picker (MEWP) using special heat resistant external metal paint to the surface making the surface more durable and less prone to rusting and weather damage.

Cleaning is done by washing and sanding the surfaces on the unit before applying the specialist paint making it last longer and the results more sleek.

Before the start of works Method statements and Risk Assessments are always completed by Dirtbusters NE Limited making note of risks associated with the job in particular as this work should only be  completed by fully Qualified IPAF decorators and cleaners. Our Team is trained for working at heights and any risks that may occur working in these environments. with our specialist team having over 28 years’ experience who else are you going to call? Dirtbusters.