Guano Cleaning

Guano Cleaning

Guano Removal 

Bird droppings or guano can not only pose a high health risk, but they also damage building structures and make building look unsightly. If not dealt with immediately, guano can cause permanent damage to balconies, roofs, fences, machinery, gardening equipment and ventilation systems. These can all be very expensive to replace so it’s very important that a professional cleaning service is hired to properly remove and disinfect affected areas.


Guano contains high levels of uric and other acids resulting in a pH of 3-4.5. These acids can attack calcium carbonate and other ‘binders’ in natural stone, artificial stone and even concrete. They can corrode metal building materials such as copper or bronze and attack their protective patina. This can result in aesthetic, and ultimately structural, problems.

Although brick and other clay-based materials may be relatively resistant to acids, they are vulnerable to damage from salts. Guano contains high levels of phosphates, ammonium, potassium, chlorides and other materials. These and the salts resulting from acid corrosion can result in severe problems of efflorescence and spalling. Similarly, the effect of the acids and salts on the porosity of masonry and other materials can result in accelerated moisture and frost damage

Heath Risks:

Accumulations of guano may contain potentially serious human pathogens such as campylobacter, salmonella, listeria, chlamydia (causing psittacosis), histoplasma, cryptococcus, influenza and other viruses. In addition, the living organism, carcasses, associated parasites such as fleas and mites, and nesting materials are also potential health hazards.

In the UK and Northern Europe, guano and related detritus are unlikely to cause serious clinical disease in humans, unless the deposits are grossly mishandled and people are massively exposed to them, either by ingestion or inhalation.

Nevertheless, investigations of the immune response of populations indicate that many people who are exposed to these pathogens have developed sub-clinical infections which resulted in an immune response. This might be expected, as many of these infections are described as often causing ‘mild flu-like symptoms’, and only occasionally cause more severe disease.

At Dirtbusterscleaning we have highly trained technicians who utilise Personal Protective Equipment and professional cleaning materials and will remove guano quickly and efficiently. We will also carry out a risk assessment and disinfect the affected areas.