Dirtbusters High Vacuum Cleaning

High Level vacuuming , is a revolution in cleaning, that offers operators across a wide range of sectors, a simple, safe and cost-efficient solution to the challenges of cleaning at height.

high reach vacuum systems allow cleaning high areas whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground. Whether it is gutter cleaning outside or cleaning of pipes, beams and fixtures inside large facilities and warehouses.

The system allows operators to clean up to 16 metres high from the ground with no need for expensive and time sapping methods like cherry pickers or scaffolding.

High Level vacuuming allows us to clean those hard to reach areas in which we would normally use ladders, MEWP or scaffold. This is easiest most cost effective way and could save your company money as well as being more safer to the workers and people around.

he biggest cause of workplace fatalities and major injuries is falls from height, often through the use of ladders to get to otherwise out of reach areas.

In 2010/11, a total of 38 workers died and 4,327 employees suffered a major injury as a result of a fall from height in the workplace, with a further 10,232 employees suffering an ‘over 3 day’ injury.

The Health & Safety Executive recommends that working at height is avoided unless there is no other way. 


Dirtbusters High Vacuum Cleaning

Dirtbusters High Vacuum CleaningDirtbusters High Vacuum Cleaning