Flue and Extraction cleaning ( Ductwork)

Professional Ductwork flue extraction cleaning Our Professional and reliable ductwork cleaning services can improve hygiene and minimise potential for airborne contamination Our Professional team with over 25 years’ experience makes sure work is all completed to a TR19 standard and will improve health and safety and hygiene within the extraction system.

Services Include:

• Cleaning supply air duct, ductwork and air handling units.

• Oven flue ventilation and extraction cleaning

• Kitchen exhaust

• TR19 duct cleaning

• Dust extraction unit and associated ductwork

In the manufacturing and processing of food environments thee are plenty of opportunities for various airborne particles to e emitted to the indoor environment through the air system. The build up of this dust , dirt and grease can result in health and safety issues and some significant potential fire hazards also causing the system poor performance. If this system is not regularly cleaned minimising and controlling the build up of dust and dirt this may cause microbial growth and this can pass through the air system carrying the bacteria into the food processing areas.

We offer cleaning for:

• Hood cleaning inside and out , filters and steel surfaces.

• Fan motors

• Flue systems

• Install inspection panel doors to allow access for cleaning.